Pretty in Purple Mixed Media Girl

I was actually able to get into the studio twice over the weekend--that was a rare treat. I was working on some ideas for various paintings and projects, and I also created this new Mixed Media painting. She's my Pretty in Purple Mixed Media Girl.

Now the thing to know about me is, I'm not really a fan of purple. I don't hate it or anything, but it's just not a color that I gravitate to in the studio (or anywhere else). The only time I wore any purple shirts on a regular basis was when I was in college--because my school colors were purple and gold. But beyond that, purple has never been my thing. But if you look at the girl in the painting, she's wearing a dress of purple and mint green flowers, and that scrapbook paper is actually what inspired this painting.

Purple Stars Mixed Media Portrait

I used lots of acrylics here, some stencils, paint markers, some tissue paper, and some Neocolor II crayons--all my usual suspects. I like how she turned out. I used yellow for her hair since it's a complimentary color to purple, so that always works. And I love how that makes her stand out on the canvas. And I didn't use any paintbrushes on the background paint--just a brayer and my fingers, so that was fun.

I'm not sure if she's 100% finished though. I keep looking at her and thinking maybe I need to do something more to her hair. But I'll let that percolate for awhile and then see how I feel about it in a week or two.