Painting with Tissue Paper

This past week Destiny and I were experimenting with Painting with Tissue Paper. I'd seen a post on Pinterest about it and thought it was cool, and it looked like a fun project for Destiny to do. So we gave it a try. I bought some bleeding Tissue Paper from Dick Blick, because there was none to be found in the town where I live. The brand name of it is Spectra, in case you want to try it too.

The technique is simple really: cut out some shapes out of the paper, brush some water on your canvas, and then put the tissue paper on top. Let it dry, then when the tissue comes off it leaves color behind like it was painted. Destiny and I did do this first, but then we decided to add a little more stuff and make it more of a Mixed Media project. These are the results.

Rubber Stamping on Tissue Paper Painting

Rubber Stamping on Tissue

Rubbert Stamping on Tissue Close
Rubbert Stamped Snowflakes on Tissue

Rubber Stamping Snowflakes Closeup

Destiny loved this project, and I'm sure we'll be doing it again. It was really fun, and really easy to do. And may I just say, she's got her poses down pat now. :)