Becoming Yourself

This week's challenge for Journal52 is the theme of renewal and rebirth. For some reason I was feeling like Fairy Art for this challenge, so that is part of my inspiration for this art journal page.

Becoming Yourself Art Journal Page

One of my favorite artists of all time is Maxfield Parrish. He was a renowned artist and illustrator and I love everything about his luminous style. So I took an old calendar I had of his artwork, and used his work, 'Ecstasy' as the muse for this art journal page. I cut out the girl, and gave her wings, and then added her to a background I created using Neocolor crayons and Mr. Hueys Color Mist sprays. Love, love it! And I love the quote too, which, to me, sums up what renewal and rebirth are all about.

I used this same girl in previous work when I created some Maxfield Parrish Inspired Magnets. Have a peek at those if you're interested. Those are on my refrigerator. :) And now that I've cut up my old calendar quite a bit, I think I need a new one of Mr. Parrish's work!