A Flower Blooms

I had fun creating this week's journal page for the Journal52 challenge. The theme was Flowers/Garden, and as soon as I got that I knew I'd do a rose. I don't do roses a lot, but if they call to me, I answer. :) So this is what I created.

A Flower Blooms Art Journal Page

I decided to use watercolors for this page, and planned on using a resist technique I used to do with my high school art students. So I drew my rose and my swirly embellishments to get started. The next step was to create the resist, and for that I used rubber cement, which I poured into a small applicator bottle that has a very small opening. I applied that over all of my pencil lines and let it dry. Then I used my watercolors to create the rose and the background. Once it was dry, I simply rubbed off the rubber cement. You can do that by hand, but I happen to have a rubber cement "eraser" that makes speedy work of the job, so I used that. I finished it off by add some black to my swirls, and added the quote as well.

I love this new page in my art journal! :)