Fall Hand Tree Art for Kids

I was inspired by a pin on Pinterest recently that showed some wonderful kids' art using their hand to make a tree for Fall. So my granddaughter, Destiny and I decided to try one for ourselves recently.

Fall Hand Tree Kids Painting
I traced her hand on some paper first and then we painted that in brown (I did more painting on the hand than she did, by the way). Then I gave her a small round sponge brush I'd gotten from the craft store for stenciling. I grabbed her egg carton, which we use for paint, and I put in yellow, red, orange, and green. Then she just dipped in one color at a time and put her "leaves" all over the tree with the sponge brush. She had a lot of fun doing this! And it's neat because it's colorful for Fall, but also because it includes her hand in the painting. I loved doing this one with her! :)