Lilies at the Farm

The Hubs and I bought an old house on an old "farm" recently, which we intend to remodel (it needs it from top to bottom) and move into within the next few years. We put our camper out there in the mean time as a little getaway place, and we like to just hang out there sometime for peace and quiet.

What's been really fun for me though is discovering all the nature and wildlife that's out there. There are frequently deer and wild turkeys running in the fields behind our property; that area is owned by a farmer who has crops growing there. On our property though I discovered lots of different flowers at various times over the spring and summer. One of my favorites were the lilies that were growing right next to the old grainery building that will one day become my studio. I snapped a couple of photos of the lilies and thought I'd share one with you.

Farm Lilies Photography

Aren't they pretty? We have some other lilies that grew out there too, along with some other things...and lots of wild daisies. My mom would have loved those, as daisies were her favorite flowers. I like to pretend that she makes them grow there for me...or at the very least, that she's with me when I'm walking around enjoying them. 

Flowers always make me smile. They're like a free little gift every time I visit the farm. Can't wait til I can move out there and plant a garden and just enjoy all the nature every day.