Fairy Autumn

A new fairy was born in my studio yesterday...in this new Mixed Media painting. :) Her name is Autumn.

Fairy Autumn Mixed Media

I used some matte medium to adhere some patterned tissue paper to my 12x12 canvas. That gave it some pattern, design, and texture. I had already sketched the fairy's face so then I just painted her on the canvas. The wing shape was something I saw in the pattern of the paper, so I just outlined it with some paint--sort of like finding images in clouds. I love when that happens! I added some stenciled design, some rubber stamped images and rolled on some paint here and there, and added some detail and embellishments in spots as well.

The Hubs said this is his favorite painting of my recent journey into mixed media. That made me feel good. :) I have another painting in progress, but I'm thinking that one will involve flowers instead of fairies. Stay tuned!