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Do you follow us on Facebook? If not, you really should! I follow lots of artsy and creative pages on Facebook, and when I come across great creative pages and finds, or inspirational quotes, or other interesting goodies, I share them on the Art Chick Studio Facebook page. I share all sorts of things there that I can’t share here on the blog. So if you are on Facebook, be sure to like our page! Just click on the image above and that will take you right to it. Click LIKE once you’re there.

Also note, due to recent changes on Facebook pages, you won’t see more than 10% of our posts…UNLESS you add us to one of your Interest Lists. Be sure that you do that, and also try to LIKE and/or SHARE our posts as much as you can. This also helps to get our page and posts seen. This is true for ANY Facebook page, not just ours. Just Liking a Facebook page is no longer enough. Even choosing Show In News Feed isn’t enough anymore! If the page isn’t on an Interest List, you will be lucky to see 10% of its posts. You’d be amazed at how many of your favorite pages’ posts you are probably missing! If you need a visual to help you , take a peek at this.

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Just hover your cursor over the LIKE button on our page, and then the menu will open. Be sure to check Show in News Feed, AND Add to Interest List. If you already have some Interest Lists setup, just add us to one. Or create another one and then add us. I group all my pages by similar content (Creative/Arts, Shopping, Primitives, etc). And to be really sure you don't miss any of our posts, you can also check the Get Notifications option. With that checked, if we make a post you'll get the little red number box at the top of your Facebook page to let you know we've made an update.

And if you have anything creative to share, please drop by the Art Chick Studio Facebook page and share. I would love to see what inspires you. Or maybe you have a great creative resource to share. I'd love that too. Hope to see you there!