Sands of Time in a Bottle

I just thought I'd share something today since, for some reason, I was thinking about the ocean. I love the beaches and almost any place near the water. So each year on our anniversary weekend for the past few years, the Hubs and I go someplace that is by the water, and preferably with a beach. We live fairly close to Lake Michigan and Lake Erie, so our destinations frequently end up being in a town by one of those lakes. And each time we go, I collect sand, shells, and other little natural objects as sort of souvenirs. When we get home, I choose a Mason Jar or some other bottle to put my sand and other beach goodies in, and I label them on the bottom with the town we went to and which year. They've become my collection of "Sands of Time in a Bottle."

Sands of Time Glass Art

I have 4 of these Glass Bottles and Jars full of beach memories so far. They sit on my kitchen window sill, so that I can see them everyday, and in my own way, I'm close to the beach. I would have had 5 of these, except one year we got rained out on our beach day and I couldn't collect anything to bring home. But that's OK.

There's always next year.