Grapevine Mini Wreath Ornies

I was looking at my tree today, which is full of mostly handmade ornaments. Most of the ornies were made by country primitive crafters that I was in Ornie Swaps with. It was a great way to build up a collection of creative, unique, handmade Christmas ornaments for my tree, and I use them every year. Some of the ornaments were made by me too, including these Grapevine Mini Wreath Ornies.

Grapevine Mini Wreath Handmade Ornament

Grapevine Mini Wreath Handmade Ornie

I have 4 or 5 of these Grapevine Wreath Ornies that I've made, very similar in style, but each a little different. I just used lace trim, satin ribbon, bows, fabric roses, pearl beads and hot glue to make each one. They are very quick and easy to do and they look great too. There are so many things you could do with the grapevine wreaths, using all sorts of embellishments and notions. They really make wonderful ornaments. I've had these on my tree each year for over 15 years. Except for a random missing bead here and there, they've held up very well over time. And I really love how they look on the tree.