Halloween Treat Bags

I always start thinking about Seasonal Crafts this time of year. Just about the time my grandson goes back to school, I'm itching to do some Fall crafting again. So with that in mind, I've created a couple of bags that would be perfect as little Halloween treat bags.

Halloween Treat Bag Fabric Crafts

Trick or Treat Bag Fabric Crafts

I made these with small, pre-made muslin bags. I wanted to keep these simple, so all I did was stamp them with various sayings and images using black ink. I wanted to do some in orange ink and maybe even purple. But guess what colors of ink I don't have?! Tina needs to shop for ink! Anyhoots, these were so easy to make: just stamp and let dry and you're done. You could put candy corn in them, or any other holiday candy, and use them as party favors. Mine are just stuffed with fiberfill to use as decor, so that's another option! And of course you could use different color inks, you could dye the muslin bags orange or black and have all sorts of fun with them! I don't do a whole lot of Halloween crafts...I'm much more into Fall than Trick or Treat night. :) But these were fun. And since I always have muslin bags around and I use them a lot for crafting, I thought I'd be different and go with Halloween for a change.

I do a lot of country primitive type seasonal crafts that I post on my Tattered Sisters Primitives blog. So if you have interest, you might want to check that blog too for some ideas.