Jack and Rose Titanic Collage

Time for another great challenge at the Collage Obsession blog. This time the theme is Boats, so I knew exactly what I'd be using as inspiration: one of my favorite all time films, Titanic.

Jack and Rose Titanic Digital Art

This is one of my favorite Digital Collages to date. I incorporated 3 different images from the movie, two of Jack and Rose, and one of the ship itself. I have always loved the scene where Rose meets Jack on the bow, the moment where she says, "Jack, I changed my mind..." That was the moment she decided to follow her heart and be with Jack. Then he takes her hand and helps her up on the railing for the infamous, "I'm flying" scene. Very romantic...and yet doomed to be tragic. But still, it's one of my favorite moments from the film. So I was thrilled to try to capture the essence of it in my digital collage.