Connie's Abstract Stained Glass

I was going through some photos of some of my artwork and found this one. It's of a stained glass piece I created for my friend, Connie, several years ago. Connie was my mentor when I was student teaching in art, and we became friends and colleagues when I became a teacher in the same district. This was a piece I designed especially for her.

Connies Stained Glass

Connie loves abstract art, and she'd had a special stained glass piece in her home not long before I met her. But a fire ravaged her home and that stained glass piece was one of the many casualties. I was so glad to be able to make this for her. I used lots of cobalt blue and white glass, along with some varieties of clear glass and glass bevels.  I wish I had a better photo of it, but digital cameras weren't quite the rage yet then and it wasn't always easy to get a good photo. But I'm glad I have the photo anyway...I don't always remember to photograph my artworks that I make as gifts...but I'm getting better. :)