Make a Wish Jar

Lots of crafty folks are making Making a Wish Jars these days. They are a super easy glass craft to make and you can do so many things with them, in all sorts of different sizes and shapes of bottles or jars.

Make a Wish Glass Jar

This Make a Wish Jar is my first, and I kept it fairly simple. I started with a fun-shaped bottle with a cork top. I added copper foil around the neck of the bottle, because I knew I was going to solder a bit of chain to the bottle.  Once the foil was burnished on well enough, I just tack-soldered a small part of the silver chain at the back of the bottle. If you don't know how to solder, this step is totally optional. I just liked the idea of keeping the chain securely in place. Then I added a silver dragonfly charm to dangle down the front of the bottle.  And of course, it's finished off with a wish written on some parchment paper and tied with ribbon, then dropped into the bottle.

Once I finished this, I thought it looked kind of it needed a little something. So I just added in a mixture of white and light blue glitter, and that did the trick.

Make a Wish Glass Jar Glitter

Your Make a Wish Bottles or Jars would be great for kids' birthdays. When it's time to blow out their birthday cake candles, have them write their wish on some paper and stick it in the jar. Then put the jar away for safe-keeping until their next birthday. You can pull out the jar for them next year and have them read the wish to see if it came true, and then they can add a new wish for the new birthday. Just an idea. ;)