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Monday, July 8, 2013

Vintage Flowers Mixed Media

Finally...after three weeks of not being able to get into my studio to be creative I was able to get in there yesterday. Felt so good! I spent most of the day working on this 12x12  Mixed Media acrylic painting.

Vintage Flowers Mixed Media

This started out as a blank white canvas, which I then covered with two kinds of tissue paper using mat medium. You can see the vintage newsprint one in the background. After that was all dry, I used a brayer to roll on two different colors of paint--one was unbleached titanium and one was in the burnt sienna family. I also added some bronzed mica flakes fragments into the wet paint in a few spots (though it's hard to spot it in the photo), which gives it a little shimmer here and there. Then I painted on my flowers using acrylic paints, along with some floating petals here and there to move the color around the canvas. Next I stamped on a butterfly, and added a bit of paint to it as well. I also stenciled on some beehive texture here and there. And finally I used some Gelatos to add some shadows to the flowers and petals, to help kind of pop them up a bit off the canvas.

I love, love, love how this turned out and will be hanging it somewhere in my home. Just have to figure out where. I have really been trying to find my creative voice in the past couple of months, and that is still a work in progress. I am really loving working in mixed media, and I think I will continue to do more of that. And I really think that nature is going to be a frequent theme in my work. I seem to enjoy that the most. :) But I will continue to explore lots of themes, ideas, and techniques on my path to creative self discovery.