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Art With Heart for ISF

I am beginning a new charitable campaign in January 2016. This event is an effort to transform the sadness that surrounds the anniversary of my mother's passing--February 15th--into something that can make me smile, and also help bring about some change in the world. 

My mother always taught me that giving from the heart is the best gift you can give anyone, and that charity always begins at home. So, to honor her memory, I have created the Art With Heart campaign to help raise funds for a cause that is dear to my heart: The Ian Somerhalder Foundation. 

Ian Somerhalder Foundation Logo

The mission of ISF is to empower, educate and collaborate with people and projects to positively impact the planet and its creatures.

"The coming together of like-minded individuals through action is what's needed to see wide spread change for us, our planet and its creatures."  
 ~ Ian Somerhalder

It's no secret that I'm a fan of Ian Somerhalder. That is what led me to discover his foundation and the global change that it is trying to achieve. I believe in what he is doing through ISF for the environment, for animals, and for humanity. And I want to help him to achieve change.

To that end, I have started this Art With Heart campaign to raise funds for ISF.  I will be soliciting donations of original, heart-themed art, created to sell specifically to raise funds for the Ian Somerhalder Foundation. All proceeds raised from this campain will be donated to ISF. All artwork will be featured on Art Chick Studio, and on the Art With Heart Campaign page on Facebook. All art will be sold during the second week of February. And if this campaign is a success, it will become an annual charitable event.

Please considering purchasing an original work of art to help support this cause. Not only will you have purchased something beautiful, you will also be helping to create global change in the process. You can also make a flat monetary donation through our Crowdrise page to help support this campaign.

If you would like to donate art for this event, please create an original art piece with a heart theme. It can be any size or medium, but should have a value of at least $50. When completed, please send me a good quality photo of your artwork, along with your name, the media, the size, and price of your painting. I will post it here and on the Art With Heart page on Facebook. The actual art sale will be begin on February 8 and run through February 14th. I will collect funds from the buyers via Pay Pal or Square, and all you have to do after the sale event is mail your artwork to the buyer (I will send you their shipping details). Please have your art completed and image/info emailed to me no later than February 6th, so that I have time to get it posted. Sorry for the time crunch--it took awhile for the fundraiser approval process to go through on ISF. I appreciate any and all donations of art or funds!

Please email me at artchickstudio at gmail dot com with any questions you might have. You can send me your artwork info there as well if you're donating.

Many thanks!