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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

English Lady Mixed Media

Being a full time Technology teacher, I don't get into my studio as often as I'd like. I spend most of my evenings and weekends working on lesson plans or looking for/evaluating website resources for my classes and so forth. So, one of the main things I look forward to over any holiday breaks is the chance to get in my studio--at least once! It doesn't actually always happen, but I did manage to get in there over my Christmas break. 

Since I've been watching a lot of historical dramas lately (Outlander, Versailles, Victoria), I guess it kind of inspired to paint an English lady from the days of yore. She isn't really from the era of any of those shows, but she's definitely from another time. 

English Lady Mixed Media Art Chick Studio

I snapped this pic with my iPhone, so it's not the greatest. But you'll get the idea at least. I used mostly Neocolor II Crayons. I love those because they're water soluble and very versatile. There are also some acrylic paint pens in use and I did some stenciling in the background. I think I'm going to add something to this later. Not sure what yet, but it'll come to me eventually.  Even though she's not 100% finished, I'm still thankful for the time I got to spend in my studio creating her.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Meet the Artist - Art Chick Studio

Perhaps you wonder from time, just who is the 'Art Chick' in Art Chick Studio. Well, it's me, Tina Grimes, of course. But in case you would like a little more detail than that, I created this little meme--all about me. 

Meet the Artist - Art Chick Studio

Are you an artist too? If so, how about creating your own #meettheartist meme and share it in the Comments. Or share it on your own blog, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook page? Then we can all get to know each other a little better.